Enjoying a New Auto

Why Buying A New Car Is Your Best Option At Any Age

Every year across Australia, hundreds of thousands of people buy cars, from teenagers getting their first taste of freedom to older folks looking to splurge and enjoy their retirement in style. When buying a car there are always two options: used cars or new cars. For many people, the cheaper appeal of used cars is obvious and often the deciding factor. However, you can find new cars for a great deal, and if the price is your main motivator, then you should consider that the initial sales price is not the whole cost of your car. Here is a quick look at why new cars are the best option for every age.

Young Adults

As perhaps the most strapped-for-cash group amongst all age ranges, many young adults are just looking for a method to escape their parents and explore their surroundings. New cars are particularly great for young adults because they can spread out the loan required over a longer period, meaning smaller monthly repayments. New cars also do not break down nearly as much as those bought on the secondary market. That means that while a new car might cost more upfront it will cost drastically less in repairs and upgrades. The undeniable factor of feeling cool in a new car should not be disregarded either: after all, what use is youth if not to look and feel confident?

Middle Aged

Once you start having a bit of savings and a steady income, new cars are no longer that far out of your financial reach, and for many people, they make the most sense. You might have a young family and want the best safety features available, or you, perhaps, just want a more high-tech car that makes your journeys easier. Whatever the case, you will not find the same level of quality in used cars, which is why so many people buy their first new car in this age range. You no longer have to scrounge and save every penny, so why should you?


Retirees benefit from the increased comfort, climate control and automated features that are standard in new cars. Also, many retirees become 'grey nomads,' meaning they travel around the country and visit places they never had the chance to before. You do not want to be doing that in a car that you do not feel comfortable driving for long days and nights. The price tag is even less of a concern for this age bracket, and for good reason. When you've worked hard all your life, then you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your labour.