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Three Signs that Your Gearbox Needs Immediate Repair

The gearbox is one of the most crucial components of your motor vehicle. Most motorists hardly realise that gearbox issues can be fatal, so they tend to ignore the small warning signs such as the check signs on the dashboard. The result is usually huge repair bills for those who are lucky, and even nasty accidents for others. The best way to fix gearbox problems is by being vigilant. Here are three most crucial signs that your gearbox is failing and needs immediate repairs.

Dashboard Warning Light

Most new generation vehicles will indicate to you that your gearbox has a problem as soon as you start encountering problems. When there is a problem with the gearbox, the engine light will ignite. The first thing to check when you see this light should be the temperature of the transmission. It is also advisable to check the coolant and see whether it is working as it should. Also, check the transmission and ensure that the right fluid levels are being maintained. 

Leaky Fluids

Another common indicator that you need gearbox repairs is leaking fluid. This is usually the earliest sign of gearbox problems to spot. The easiest way to locate this problem is by placing an item such as a piece of cardboard under the vehicle and leaving it there for a certain length of time. Come back after some time and check whether anything has leaked. Transmission fluid is normally reddish, and you will not have a hard time locating it. To check the levels of the fluid, use the dipstick. If the level is lower than what is normal or regular, get an expert to help repair any existent damages.

Unusual Smells

Another common indication that your gearbox is headed for problems is odd smells coming from the vehicle. Normally, a burning odour mixed with a sweet and sour smell is an indication that your transmission fluid levels are low and need to be replaced. The burning smell results from the fluid being unable to maintain the system, which leads to parts burning themselves up. In addition to the strange smells, it is common to hear odd sounds coming from the gearbox when driving.

The key to having a healthy gearbox and a positive driving experience lies in always carrying out the right check-up and repair procedures when you notice any of the warning signs. Professional auto mechanics should help you fix problems with your gearbox before it leads to an unpleasant incident.