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A Guide on Building Custom Trailers

Custom trailers are an ideal choice for specialist work such as marketing campaigns, hauling long boats, mobile showrooms, shops or restaurants. What considerations should you make when building a custom trailer? Below are a few helpful tips. 

Work with an Experienced Builder

Conduct some research to determine reputable builders in your locality. Interview some of their clients to understand their level of workmanship and professionalism. Do not fall for internet adverts -- visit the builder's premises to view some of his or her current projects. The following are a few questions you can use to interview the builder:

What is your speciality?

Some builders opt to specialise in specific types of custom trailers. For instance, some may specialise in marketing campaign trailers, while others may deal with food trailers.

How long will you take?

This is an essential consideration if you need the trailer for business purposes. Delays could cost you money.

Do you provide guarantees?

Reputable builders offer warranties on the finished product. For instance, they will give free deliveries, repairs and servicing.

How much will it cost?

Compare the pricing strategies of various builders. Experienced and reputable builders may charge slightly more.

Designing the Trailer

The trailer's function will determine its design. For instance, mobile food trailers should open from all sides; this ensures adequate aeration. On the other hand, marketing and mobile showroom trailers should be long to allow the company to display as many products as possible.

One of your primary concerns when designing the trailer should be its weight. Preferably, go for lightweight materials such as aluminium and fibreglass. Think about how you can save on weight. For instance, if you need to install cooking and entertainment equipment on the trailer, go for the lightest products. As a rule, do not exceed the weight limits of the vehicle that will haul the trailer. 

Inquire about the trailer's structural integrity. For instance, how will the builder join the frames? Welded joints are stronger than bolted joints. Internal components should be strapped or bolted to the body to prevent them from getting damaged during transport. 


What would happen if you no longer need the trailer? For example, take a situation where you run out of business or end the marketing campaign. The trailer should be versatile. A marketing trailer could be dismantled and converted into a utility trailer used to ferry vehicles and boats.  

When building a custom trailer, work with a reputable and experienced builder, choose a suitable design and ensure the trailer is versatile.