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What Should You Consider During 4WD Fleet Hire?

If you are considering 4WD (four wheel drive) fleet hire services, you might be looking for a vehicle that can handle rough roads and the kind of terrain accessed through rough roads. Here's a simple guide to help you choose a 4WD vehicle that suits your needs:

The Different 4WD Vehicles You Might Come Across

The most common 4WD vehicles found in a 4WD fleet hire company include single cabin trucks, double cabin trucks, SUVs, tray trucks, station wagons, etc.

Choosing between these 4WD vehicles is a matter of identifying your needs or preferences. What does this mean?

Short or Long-Term Lease

If you just need a 4WD for a drive to a remote area with your friends or family for a few days; this is considered a short lease.

If you need 4WD vehicles for a particular project, which is usually the case for those hiring 4WD vehicles for commercial purposes, you might need the 4WD vehicle for a long time, maybe the duration of the project; this is a long term lease. 

Find out whether the 4WD fleet hire company offers both these services and what the company's terms and conditions are for each. Also, check for discounts and offers for long-term hire plans; discounts are usually provided for long-term leases.

Extra Features

Some 4WD vehicles are fitted with extra features like bull bars, lighting, GPS devices, ladders, winches, roof racks, sirens, etc. If you need any of these features, ensure you pick a 4WD vehicle that has them.

Don't expect all 4WD vehicles you come across to be fitted with them. You may even find companies asking you whether you need any additional features as you make your enquiries about 4WD vehicles. Bullbars and additional lighting are mostly what you can't fail to find on almost all 4WD.

4WD Fleet Hire Agreement

You have to carefully read and understand the 4WD fleet hire agreement. This document highlights the dos and don'ts of the 4WD vehicle hire. Failure to follow these rules can land you in legal problems and fines.