Enjoying a New Auto

Why you should always choose an authorised dealer to fix your vehicle

Your car is a vital part of your family life. You use it to pop to the shops, take the younger children to school and probably to get to work as well. It's easy to feel lost if it is suddenly unavailable. The temptation is to rush to the nearest repair centre that can offer quick repair. A quick repair sounds good but is that the only criteria you should be applying when you choose someone to repair your vehicle?

Who takes care of your car when there is a problem?

Car repair is a task that requires skill and expertise, and it also requires the right parts. When you choose a repair company for your vehicle, then it is important that you choose a company that is an authorised dealer for your vehicle. When you pick Bosch authorised dealers or dealers for any other manufacturer, you can be certain that the service and the replacement parts they fit for you will be exactly what is needed.

The right service level

When you call on authorised dealers, you can be sure that the dealer will know everything that there is to know about the vehicle. They will understand how the manufacturer intended the car to be serviced and what the correct configuration is for every part of the vehicle supplied by that manufacturer. It doesn't matter whether the vehicle is diesel, petrol or a hybrid vehicle, as long as the parts have come from the manufacturer, manufacturer-authorised dealers will know how to service them. The same is also true for all authorised dealers for all other parts as well.

The right replacement parts

Often when you visit a car repair workshop, you can be so grateful to receive your vehicle back in working order that you don't enquire too closely about the parts used to repair the vehicle. Such an approach can be a serious mistake when generic replacement parts are fitted. You have no way of assessing the quality or effectiveness of the replacement part. It's possible that the replacement part could fail quickly or even hinder the correct operation of the vehicle because it doesn't operate in the same way as a genuine part. When you visit authorised dealers, such as Bosch authorised dealers, you can have the confidence that the only parts fitted to your vehicle will be genuine Bosch parts.

Look for a dealer, like a Bosch authorised dealer, in your area for more information.