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Shipping Perishable Goods? 4 Considerations to Get You the Ideal Refrigerated Transportation

Transporting temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, fresh produce, meat, fish, alcoholic beverages and dairy products usually presents the challenge of ensuring they don't spoil while in transit. That's why you need to consider refrigerated transportation for these goods and products. This kind of transportation involves the use of temperature-controlled vehicles. However, there's usually no one-type-fits-all when it comes to using these vehicles. With that in mind, you need to assess a few things when choosing refrigerated delivery services. Here are some of the critical things to remember:

Temperature Specifications

Your perishable cargo can be transported as frozen or chilled, depending on the specific goods you're shipping. Therefore, check the required temperature specifications for your products before you select a refrigerated delivery service. Keep in mind that some refrigerated trucking companies have vehicles that use temperature zone settings. Such vehicles make it easy to control temperature settings inside the truck. This will come in handy if you are moving goods that require different temperatures.

Amount of Goods

You also need to think about the number of goods you're transporting before you consider refrigerated transportation. This information will help you select the right refrigerated truck size. Since they come in different sizes, the company you're choosing must have a truck that's big enough to accommodate all the goods you're moving.

Variety of Goods

Are you transporting different types of cargo? It would help if you thought about the variety of goods when choosing a refrigerated delivery solution. That's because there are strict regulations when it comes to the transportation of goods, and not all types of products can be transported together. For instance, you cannot mix medical products with other commodities such as fresh produce; if you have both medical products and other goods, you will need to choose different delivery services. Some types of foods, such as meat and fish, should not be transported together. Therefore, when choosing a refrigerated delivery service, make sure you explain the type of goods you have. Some companies may not have the trucks needed for your products.

Geographic Coverage

Do you need a national or local delivery service? While your choice will often depend on how far you're moving your goods, it's essential to choose a company with better geographic knowledge of your area. With that in mind, local companies tend to be more efficient at this compared to companies that operate across the country but have local branches. Local companies tend to be more flexible, and in case of issues such as traffic, they may know alternative routes that would come in handy to ensure there are no delays in the delivery of your goods.