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Why There Are So Many Varieties Of Roof Baskets

Most people will understand the reasoning behind a roof basket; after all, who doesn't want as much space as physically possible? Everyone has packed a car for a holiday or loaded it up for a house move and wished they had just a few more inches of space, and roof baskets fix this problem. What a lot of people don't understand is why there is such a variety in the size and shape of roof baskets. Why wouldn't every roof basket be as big and square as possible? Here are a few reasons why you might want to get roof baskets of varying sizes.

Long And Narrow

If you have ever looked for a roof basket, you will quickly notice an abundance of very long and narrow options. This sort of roof basket is primarily bought for a specific item: a canoe, surfboard or bicycle. The length and width of the roof basket allows the items to fit in snugly while also allowing you to more firmly secure it. Because the width is much smaller, the straps are tauter and will keep these larger items in place. While you certainly could store regular boxes in here, it is generally used for recreational equipment like the aforementioned bikes, canoes and surfboards. 

Flat Tray

What use is a roof basket that doesn't have any surrounding walls to keep items locked in? Well, it turns out that it is quite useful. These flat roof trays are best for odd-shaped objects that wouldn't fit inside a confined roof basket. Think of equipment like a shovel, spare tire or family table. In more rugged environments, you might even stack firewood or water containers on it. A flat tray gives you a much broader space, but it does come with a need for special securing equipment. This is for people who are very familiar with roof baskets. 

Compartmentalised Roof Basket

A compartmentalised or sectioned roof basket is perfect for families who are going on camping trips because it provides that extra bit of room with the maximum amount of stability. These compartments provide much more structural stability for items that are placed in them because they can be attached to several sides at once. They also have more walls to lean on in heavy winds. The downside is that you do trade out a bit of space from a traditional roof basket. But, if you only need that little bit of extra room, then a sectioned roof basket is the best option you can go with.