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Why You Should Consider Buying a Side Tipper Trailer for Your Construction Project

One of the most challenging parts of the construction process is moving construction material from one point to another. The success of your project depends on how well you move the excavated soil from the site to the dumping area. Tipper trailers, for example, come in a wide variety of designs, and picking the most suitable can be a challenge. Here is what you need to know about side tippers and their advantage over the regular designs.

They Are More Stable Than Other Dump Trucks

The stability of any vehicle which carries loads depends on the location of its centre of gravity. When the vehicle is unloaded, the centre of gravity is located at the lowest possible point of its body. When the vehicle is loaded, the COG changes. When a tipper is engaged to pour out gravel, sand or another load, the tray is raised high in the air, moving its centre of gravity and making it very unstable. Sometimes, the back tippers topple when they are tipping, injuring the driver and other people on-site. The side tipper does not have to raise the load as high to deposit it, and the balance of the tipper is not affected during the deposit, which lowers the chance of toppling.

You Unload in a Controlled Manner

Trailers whose tray tips backward face another common challenge: lack of control during the unloading. The moment you engage the tipper, you are no longer in full control of how fast the load will be dumped. At times, the load is dumped all at once, which is potentially dangerous. The side tipper, on the other hand, is easier to control and allows gradual removal of the load, which minimises chances of an accident.

Versatile Areas of Operation

A back tipper needs a lot of space to engage and deposit a load safely on the construction site. If you do not have a lot of space where the vehicle can turn and aim the load it is dumping, it ends up being deposited on the road, which creates extra clearing work. A side tipper allows you to stand on any point of a narrow road, and deposit the load on the side without a hassle.

These are three of the many benefits of a side tipper. You can visit the trusted brands for trailer specifications, features and costs. With a good quality tipper, you are assured of excellent load handling at all times.

For more information, contact a side tipper trailer dealer.